Campus Life

  Class Rooms:

It may not be an exaggeration to state that the higher education scenario of Palamaner town has witnessed a change with the advent of the Theresa Institute of Management.

With best faculty and facilities, excellent ambiance that stimulates learning and located in close proximity to happening IT destinations, the Mother Theresa Institute of Management not only imparts the best education but also ensures all-round development of a student’s personality along with excellent employ ability skills that will land them good positions in the industry.

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  Computer Lab:

  MBA Lab:

The college has established a high-speed campus-wide network that connects all its departments consisting of 500 systems which constitutes department of MBA as part of entire network. A fully distributed computing environment based on clusters of workstations, Thin clients, RDP’s and PC’s provides the staff and students ready access to computing resources, services software and applications.

The environment is tailored to the specific teaching/learning needs of each department. Full access is provided to email, the Internet, departmental Intranets and other online sources of services and information through leased line Internet connectivity of 40Mbps.

  Server Room Power Backup and Network Switch:

The server room houses various servers – Windows server, Linux server, Oracle database server, FTP Server all connected to the LAN, thereby providing diverse computing platforms to the students, across the campus. The Internet Gateway comprises of a Internet Server, NET GEAR Router, D-LINK switch and other networking components required for an efficient LAN and for providing Internet access to 300 computer systems, located in the various departments and functional units.

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Mother Theresa institute of Management has a well stocked library to cater to the learning needs of students and members of faculty. The students have access to the finest collection of contemporary books, newspapers, journals and magazines, which supplement the prescribed textbooks and the reference books. A well-furnished and spacious reading room forms part of the library. The library subscribes to a large number of technical and research journals, and other periodicals to enable the users keep abreast with the frontiers of knowledge in respective disciplines. The working of the library has been computerized to facilitate effective use. At present more than 7500 text books comprising Indian and foreign authors, 2500 reference books, a good bunch of Journals, Newspapers and Journals are available for enhancing and updating knowledge in their respective interest and specialized areas.

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  Campus Wi-fi:

The Campus gets connected to the World Wide Web through a High speed 24/7, 40 Mbps, leased line from BSNL. Connection is distributed through the campus network to an intranet connecting various laboratories and subnets inside each lab, departments, workshops, library, office as well as class rooms. All nodes are connected through structured cabling, using cat6 cable. The wireless connectivity in campus is equipped with sufficient indoor access points, through which Wi-Fi internet connection is available inside the campus. These facilities cater to the computing, information processing and multimedia requirements of the entire college.

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  Sports & Gym Center:

The Department of Physical Education right from the inception of the Institution is playing an active part in Sports & Games and the general administration of the college. The Department involves actively in all other curricular and extracurricular activities in the college.

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We provide transportation for all the day-scholars who travel from different places, in and around ‘Palamaner’, Buses are provided on convenient basis. We are providing nearly buses 30 in all routes. Specially now Management is keen in providing much more security by implementing “Global Positioning System (GPS)” which ensures a Message Chaining Management between Transport Dept. & Management as well as Campus, Parent and Student.

Transport Incharge

Sri. Yathesswar Reddy

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"Make yourself at home"

With a view to providing personal care to the students coming from various corners of the country, Mother Theresa Institutions has built hostels that provide the right academic ambiance for students in search of excellence in their pursuits. The disciplined and caring hostel environment helps the student imbibe positive values which serve as a firm foundation for their life and career. With the spirit of sharing and living in a multicultural community, they grow into evolved human beings.

With more than 300 beds available for boys and 500 for girls, there is something to suit everyone. Each accommodation facility has its own management team to take care of students welfare. It is also attended by a doctor and a nurse. It has facilities for first aid and minor ailments. Ambulance facilities are available round the clock.

The administration puts in all efforts to help the students feel at home in terms of comforts and concern of the hostel personnel. Eco-friendly environment, encouraging academic ambiance, uncompromising quality of hygiene, steam cooking, safe drinking water, round the clock security, availability of qualified doctors and resident wardens, indoor games facilities, uninterrupted power supply- all these ensure a very safe and secure stay for the student.


Catering services are supervised by the Hostel Committees and the menu is largely vegetarian. Catering service delivers value and convenience to the residents by offering high quality and hygienic service to all the students and staff. The hostel inmates are expected to follow strictly the entire hostel rules, as decided by the Warden and Resident Tutors.At present Two blocks of hostels provide hostel facilities to 1000 students with all the facilities.

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First Aid with all accessories are kept in the laboratories where moving machinery is installed and also at strategic locations.

Emergency medical care and first-aid is available in the campus with one Medical Practitioner and one Nursing Assistant. General medicines are made available in the centre. First-aid boxes with all accessories are kept in all laboratories and other strategic locations.

A full-fledged Hospital at Langar House is available within 3 km from the institute which can be reached within 10 minutes. Doctors and Nurses are available round the clock. The Institute refers all emergency cases to the hospital.

Director, Student Welfare and staff take care of the medical complaints of students and pass on information to parents.

A full-time Director, Student Welfare and his staff are instructed to respond immediately to all medical complaints from the students.


Catering services are supervised by the Hostel Committees and the menu is largely vegetarian. Catering service delivers value and convenience to the residents by offering high quality and hygienic service to all the students and staff.

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